Preparing for the adventure – FAQ

Can you access federated trails with the vehicles directly from Stadacona Aventures?

Yes, we have direct access to the Trans-Québec ATV/Quad 50/60 and snowmobile # 23 trails.

Do you rent equipment, helmets and clothing?

Yes, all the equipment is included in the rental prices. Equipment varies upon the vehicle type.

Do you sell insurance with the rental?


Do you charge the deductible amount to the credit card?

No, we only take an imprint of the credit card/bank card.

When can the vehicles be rented?

From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day in high season. Monday to friday in low season.

Are the vehicles filled with gasoline before departure?


Can the vehicles be filled with gasoline on-site ?

No you have to fill up the vehicle at a local station.

Do you supply trail maps upon departure with the vehicles?


Do you transport the vehicles when needed?

Yes (under certain conditions)


Experience a unique adventure

Stadacona Aventures is Québec’s undisputed leader for renting off-road motorized vehicles and Spyder motorcycles. It is located near Québec City, where federated trails provide direct access to the Québec wilderness for quad-buggies and snowmobiles. This company is your go-to resource if you wish to combine on- and off-trail excursions in summer, autumn or winter. You will have access to new or nearly new motorized vehicles (quad-ATVs, side-by-side buggies, snowmobiles, jet-skis, and boats) at any time. Stadacona Aventures offers packages with experienced guides that let you enjoy the local landscape and flavours while in the forest, on the water and in the countryside.

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Business hours :

From Monday to Sunday : 8 AM to 5 PM

Quebec travel agency licence number #703467